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  • Essential Health For Animals
    Essential Health For Animals
    Another Alexandria Brighton goDésana Organics Exclusive!
    Essential Oil blends, sprays, and massage oils for dogs and other large animals.
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  • Oil Of The Month Club -
    Oil of the Month Club
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    Participating in the Oil Of The Month ClubTM is a fun and easy way
    to try goDésana Organics 100% Pure, Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oils.
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  • goDesana Private Label Program
    goDésana Organics
    Private Label Program
    Free custom labels for your office or practice
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  • Essential bioMinerals
    Essential bioMinerals
    Now Available!
    Introducing goDésana Organics Essential bioMinerals, a mineral nutrition delivery system
    in line with nature's own design.
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  • WholeBody™ System
    Get to the root of your pain
    After using the WholeBodyTM "7 Touch" System
    you will have clear and immediate recommendations
    for restoring balance to your body.
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    For Helping People?
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What has happened to us that we willingly fill our bodies with medications containing huge lists of contraindications and dangerous side effects?

It seems that with the modernization of Western medicine we have become numb to this type of warning or have been taught, both mentally and at the body level, to accept without question or thought that we must endure these things to achieve health.

If we develop side effects, we can just let the doctor give us another potent drug to take to relieve that symptom, but it may bring with it a whole new set of side effects and complications.

All of these assault the body, cause damage, and leave residue to further overload and overwhelm the body's immune system and natural health intelligence.

Our bodies have a natural intelligence that knows how to restore our health. We have a thinking immune system as well as thinking organs and cells. When we take drugs with side effects, our body intelligence says this is not the way to solve the problem.

The life force and natural information carried in products created by nature is something our body intelligence can understand and work with. Returning to plant remedies makes sense and supports our body's natural intelligence.

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